What is tooling in a die castings project?

Tooling used in die castings projects come in many different types of dimensional sizes and shapes. Die casting tooling is usually produced through steel material and can weighs hundreds of pounds.

Die cast tooling dies are bigger than the molding inserts. After the customer’s OEM automotive casting is produced, a die casting trimming machine referred to as a “trim die” is operated to scrap the excess aluminum handing from the die cast parts.

Die casting tooling steel die

These die casting trimming dies can save 10% or more in the part price by speeding up the production process. Die casting trim dies slice off the excess aluminum from die cast parts. The trim die sits or is mounted into a trim press that hydraulically forces the two halves of the trim die together with several tons of pressure.

Ningbo Xusheng Die Castings USA has been providing high level die cast tooling, dies and molds for over twenty years. We have the in-house capabilities of high quality design, construction, engineerings and reconditioning of all tooling dies. Our manufacturing facility provides a healthy and safe workplace for all employees.

We constantly strive to improve our die casting tooling processes and use the latest equipment to provide precision die casting services.