Machining & Secondary Finishing Services

OEM customers are regularly seeking a complete (all-in-one-house) supplier for their custom products. Die Castings USA serves this customer need by providing an fine tuned list of secondary services.

For start-up or multi-tool operations we utilize our CNC equipment, allowing our team to complete secondary machining at one station. At Die Castings China, we customize our machining services to efficiently meet the strict tolerances and project requirements.

All in-house machining and secondary services are completed through more than 40 sets of imported CNC machining centers, 30 sets of lathes and a variety of general processing equipment from blasters to Ultra Sonic washing machines. Our industry leading facility has the experienced team of Engineers, Operators and Inspectors to finish your part in-house and avoid excess costs with outside suppliers. As you can see from the photos below, we have a large section of our manufacturing facility that is dedicated to machining and finishing services.

Machining services are one of the core advantages in our China facility. The OEM parts are processed through automated and user operated CNC machining (types of CNC equipment include: horizontal, vertical or 5 axis). These secondary service operations can include grinding, trimming, deburring, vibratory finishing, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, polishing, pressure testing, ultra washing and final assembly. These are just some of our secondary manufacturing services.

Our range of heat treatment options include: T4, T5, T6 and T7. These treating services allow product weldability, rivet and glue joining, as well as low porosity shapes.

Also, we provide fully kitting and product assemblies with custom packaging as per customer specifications and needs.

Die Cast Machining & Secondary Services

Our complete list of machining and secondary services include:

Ultra Sonic Washing machine | Cell manufacturing of parts for General Motors

Ultra Sonic Washing machine | New Machining Area

CNC Machining Center List

  • (2) Haoyang A-650
  • (1) Haoyang AS-500T
  • (2) Orient (Shanghai) Machinery Technical Center TC-S2A-0
  • (8) Mazak VTC-160AN
  • (8) Feeler VM-32SA
  • (1) Feeler VM-32S
  • (4) Hundai-kia VX400FOi-MC
  • (4) Hundai-kia VX500FOi-MC
  • (3) Hundai-kia VX500
  • (1) Hundai-kia VB-610
  • (1) Hundai-kia QM-32
  • (1) Leaderway Machinery  Taiwan MV-1100
  • (2) Akira Seiki V2.5XP
  • (2) Hision HTM-850G

CNC Lathe Machine List

  • (5) Kaida CK6136S
  • (6) Kaida CK6125S
  • (2) Kaida KDCK-25
  • (1) Yaofa CJK0640
  • (2) Yunnan Cy Group CYNC-360TE
  • (9) Hision HTM-TC16
  • (2) Hision HTM-TC25
  • (8) Xknc L20
  • (1) Xknc L21
  • (1) Xknc L22
  • (1) Xknc L23

Shot-Blasting Machine List

  • (2) Xingyang Machinery 316

Ultrasonic Washing Equipment List

  • (1) Wxmeiji MJLH-7500B
  • (1) Wxmeiji MJLH-6000

Heat Treatment Equipment List

  • (1) Zhejiang Sanmen Sanli Spraying and Moulding Equipment Factory HK-435

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