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Visit to the Toledo Machining Plant

TMP torque converters

Photograph from our visit to FCA‘s Toledo Machining Plant, where our die cast parts are used in the assembly torque converters. The Toledo Machining Plant (TMP) is a parts manufacturer for FCA’s passenger cars and trucks. Operations at the facility

What are aluminum sand castings?

sand casting process

Aluminum sand casting is a metal casting process where sand is used to mold material together. Currently, a majority of metal castings are produced by the sand casting process. This is largely because aluminum sand casting is a very cheap

Aluminum A380 Alloy

aluminum 380 bucket

Various types of materials are used to produce different parts through many kinds of casting methods. For example, metals (and alloys as well) can be used for cars, off road or off highway vehicles, electrical parts, medical parts, and even

What are the important properties of Aluminum?

aluminum properties

Did you know that Aluminum is one of the most commonly used elements on Earth? It is very versatile and can be used on so many different levels to provide a number of different uses and purposes. It has been