Your Guide to Overseas Sourcing

Your Guide to Overseas Sourcing: Sourcing Die Castings in China from a Tier 1 and Tier 2 approved supplier

I would first like to welcome everyone to our workshop entitled Your Guide to Overseas Sourcing: Sourcing Die Castings in China from a Tier 1 and Tier 2 approved supplier.  We thank you for attending this seminar and hope we can help you in your sourcing decisions for all your Die Casting requirements.

Inspection of die cast parts

Our client list includes Tesla Motors, Chrysler, G.M. Service Division, Z.F. Sachs, John Deere, Regal Beloit and many other world class companies.

The key to success in sourcing complicated machine die castings is founded in the following 5 principles which we refer to as TRAIN! Constant system review and improvement.

T- Transparency- Most of our clients audit our facility and understand the full capabilities of our facility.  When needed, direct communication with our U.S.A. or China based office is available.

R- Responsibility- Our company takes responsibility for the entire sample and order process. We are constantly upgrading and training our employees to meet and exceed our client’s goals and expectations. We have daily video conferences with our facility so we do not lose any time in responding to our clients.

A – Added Value & Quality – Assisting companies to reduce their cost of manufacturing without jeopardizing the level of quality.

I –  Infrastructure- For any successful launch the necessary infrastructure must be in place.  Complete drawing review process is a must.  Level 3 PPAP documents are provided with all samples.

N –  No down time- We have ample stock in our warehouse at all times to deal with any changes in your supply needs.   All projects are quoted FOB our Ningo China facility or out of our New Jersey or Mexico warehouses.   Our warehouse in Mexico is also an IMEX program affiliate.

Across the board most buyers are inundated with purchasing thousands of components and do not have the time needed to focus on one group of parts needed for a project.  They are busy with all of the tasks of growing and running a successful business.  Many times companies take short cuts in the process and pay the price later on.  Searching for companies on the internet, attending trade shows, and reading trade publications only leads to more work and a range of complications for already overworked  managers.

Many of our clients have offices in the country that we operate sometimes very close to our facility. So the obvious question is why do they work with our company ?

In many Asian countries, TS16949 approval paperwork  can be bought for a small price.  Having the paperwork and following all of the steps outlined by TS is another story. There are many unreliable suppliers who may quote a very aggressive price but barely understand your needs and qualifications.   Many companies do not take into consideration those hidden costs that are passed on to their other divisions such as freight, duties and customs issues.   Because we are focused on one product line we reduce all of the risks for our clients. We take all of these factors into consideration when quoting a project.  This process could take months if not years for large OEMs to accomplish.  We take all of the guess work out of the process by introducing a pre-qualified world class facility to our clients.

We think of ourselves as an extension of our clients.  Their offsite office.  They get the added benefit of having pricing from a low cost country while having the parts located in a local warehouse with stock at all times.

  • Quality is a given by the fact of who our clients are.
  • Delivery is a given as we have stock in our Mexico warehouse at all times.
  • Price is assured as we will save you 10-15% to make your project more profitable.

Download the PDF version of this presentation now: Your Guide to Overseas Sourcing