Who uses aluminum die casting?

Our customers are normally OEMs (Original Equiptment Manufacturers). These types of Fortune 500 customers could require up to 10,000,000 of these aluminum die cast parts each year. Normally parts with this type of high volume usage are smaller in dimensional size. The large dimension parts have volumes in the low thousands. This manufacturing process is useful for precision mass production of items that include: Crankcases, Thrust Washers, Support Arms, Gearboxes, Motor Flanges and many other part applications.

Aluminum part die casting is a very competitive manufacturing process that spans the entire Globe. OEMs in the United States and Mexico are constantly looking to reduce production costs to increase their profit margin on projects. By using a reliable NAFTA Supplier, especially one that completes all manufacturing in China, will help increase savings without sacrificing the quality of a die cast part. When making a selection of the appropriate aluminum alloy material for casting, there are some elements to consider – which type of die casting process to be used and the intended functionality of the part.

What types of customers use die cast parts?

Potential advantages include:

  • Surface Strength: die cast parts are stronger than plastic components.
  • Dimensional Accuracy: die cast parts can be created with close adherence to specifications.
  • Rapid Production: die cast components can be produced in high volume with relatively little tooling or machining.
  • Smooth Surfaces: the die cast process can create finished parts with curved or seamless surfaces.

Possible disadvantages include:

  • High Volume Wins – smaller production runs may reduce cost-effectiveness.
  • Limited Metal Fluidity – alloy malleability varies, which can limit the complexity and shape of the finished product.
  • Size and Weight Limits – larger parts may exceed a casting machine‚Äôs capacity limits the range of product dimensions.

Ningbo Xusheng produces aluminum die cast parts for many diverse customer industry areas. This allows us to have expertise in serving various OEMs, rather that only specializing in one market segment – such as Automotive or Heavy Equipment. Speak with a die casting expert to learn if aluminum die casting is right for you.