How purchasing teams reduce lean die casting costs

Die Castings China offers more than raw die casting and mold making services. After ten years of client reviews and recommendations, we understand that each customer requires a die cast product that is manufactured in a one-stop-shop. This allows OEM customers to immediately assemble the die cast part into their own product line or to sell the casting in the retail market. Purchasing Manager and Casting Buyers are constantly seeking new, alternative channels to lower manufacturing costs and eliminate unneeded steps that interfere with production efficiency.

By working with an all-in-one supplier, our team can provide part improvement reviews and planned course of actions to simplify the entire lean manufacturing project. By letting Die Castings China share this valuable insight, your lean sourcing efforts will become even more streamlined.

Lean manufacturing with only one NAFTA Supplier

Aluminum die cast partWhy should you purchase your cast part from Supplier A and send to Supplier B for finishing, then to Supplier C for packaging? Avoid these wasteful project expenses. Our in-house Chromating, CNC Machining, Deburring, Electrostatic Painting, Heat Treating, Impregnation, Polishing, Powder Coating, Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting, Ultrasonic Washing and Wet Painting, dramatically improve your potential die cast part defect rates by manufacturing a complete part.

After reviewing your die cast part, our in-house Tooling Engineers will design molds and tool inserts which are best suited to your production demands. The inserts for custom and standard mold dies and are created using UG, Pro/E to design the molds and using Magma for the mold flow analysis.

We take responsibility for the entire process of tool design, manufacture, sampling and approval. Also, our die cast molds are built from Swedish DIEVAR steel  or H13 material and designed to cast parts that require high volumes. Once in production, we maintain your tooling for the lifetime of the project.

When using aluminum and zinc alloys, contact our teams in the United States and China to receive the best lean die casting solution available.