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Letech 1600T die casting machine

Letech 1600 die cast equipment

Early in 2014, we added a brand new Letech 1600 ton die casting machine. This expanded our casting machine range from 160 to 1,600 metric tons. The Letech die casting machines allows our workforce to produce aluminum die cast parts

Die Cast Aluminum Alloy Properties

Aluminum alloy a380 a383 adc12 adc6 a356 ALSi10Mg ALSi12Fe

Aluminum alloys are ideal for high impact applications. Due to the general light weight, these AL alloys are able to provide weight reduction in die cast parts while being resilient enough to absorb extremely high operation climates. The overall alloy

Future use of Aluminum cast parts by Automobile OEMs

Aluminum die casting project: shell housing

Aluminum die cast parts are by far the highest volume of component used by Automotive manufacturers. These components primarily include cylinder heads, chassis and powertrain parts. But in recent years, this has expanded to engine blocks. Due primarily to the

Who uses aluminum die casting?

Who should use die cast parts?

Our customers are normally OEMs (Original Equiptment Manufacturers). These types of Fortune 500 customers could require up to 10,000,000 of these aluminum die cast parts each year. Normally parts with this type of high volume usage are smaller in dimensional