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What are the important properties of Aluminum?

aluminum properties

Did you know that Aluminum is one of the most commonly used elements on Earth? It is very versatile and can be used on so many different levels to provide a number of different uses and purposes. It has been

What is cast aluminum?

Cast Aluminum Housing

Cast aluminum is something that you may have heard mentioned before. But do you really know what this type of metal alloy really is produced from? In this article we will take a look at cast aluminum alloy, explaining exactly

What is cold chamber die casting?


Cold chamber die casting process is operated through molten aluminum alloy material being added into the die shot cell from an independent origin. Since molten aluminum is brought in from an external provider, the cold box casting machine has the

Which process is better for cast parts, Sand or Die?

Molten metal used in sand and die cast parts

Die Casting and Sand Casting are two of the most commonly used manufacturing processes for metal products. These two types of production techniques have a few commonalities, but primarily have very different production process methods. Material options for these production