Aluminum die casting advantages over steel casting

How can OEM parts created by aluminum die casting be more cost efficient and have increased material strength than steel castings? Ningbo Xusheng Die Castings USA manufactures aluminum die cast arm joint for an industrial machinery OEM that, at one time, purchased this part as a steel casting. The supplier was limited by their capabilities and this hurt our customer’s sales growth. Rather than letting sales slip away, they began to dual source this part – eventually moving the entire operation to Ningbo, China.


We produce this part with less material waste, about a 35% increase in material usage. The aluminum parts weighs about 65% less than it’s steel counter part. Also, the aluminum die castings can handle about three times the greater axial load than steel castings. Remember, the casting process gives a beautiful surface finish; therefore, a painting process is not needed on these parts.

Ningbo Xusheng Die Castings USA produced this part more economically for the customer, resulting in a cost savings of roughly 38% per part.

Does your company produce a steel casting or machined casting that you would like to re-tool with aluminum die castings?

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