Aluminum A380 Alloy

A380 die cast partVarious types of materials are used to produce different parts through many kinds of casting methods. For example, metals (and alloys as well) can be used for cars, off road or off highway vehicles, electrical parts, medical parts, and even toys.

A380 – formally Aluminum 380 – is one of the most widely used die casting metals right now. This type of AL can be found in a wide variety of places and even in your own home or apartment. The term A380 itself is just a designation by metalworking companies used to distinguish this type of aluminum from other metals and alloys.

This is an older alloy that is still in wide use by the metalworking industry for everyday use. Today, the places where you will mostly find this metal include every day auto parts, industrial parts, housings and other parts.

Also this material is a very common material in builders tools. Just go to any hardware store (or even the hardware aisle in a grocery store) and you will find some tools that are made out of A380.

A380 remains one of the longest used metals and remains in much use today. As a result, chances are strong that we will continue to see metalworking factories and industries mass produce this metal type. We will also still see it in use in our tools and every day materials in our automobile parts.

So why is this type of Aluminum so popular in manufacturing?

It’s because it is extremely versatile and easy to use in most industrial manufacturing projects.

Everyday things in our homes can be effectively and affordably made out of A380. This is why that when components of your home are in need of replacement, such as a door knob like we’ve talked about (though it can also be used for various components such as levers and vales), most of the ones you will find at your local hardware store will be made out of AL380.

AL380 diecast product

A380 is very reliable and high in strength, and it is also a very affordable option. This is also interesting, since it is not exactly a very innovative (if you will call it that) or revolutionary alloy. Instead, it’s very simple, strong, and cheap to make. Unless an alloy that is just as strong for the money comes to fruition, this aluminum alloy is going to continue to be used for a long time.

It is in very widespread use around the World as it has the right amount of strength that a die casting alloy needs. A key point of using this material is the very cost efficient pricing for factories and metal working industries to manufacture.

In addition, it serves us very well. Most of our everyday tools, door knobs and handles, window frames, vales work for us very well, and it is largely due to the effectiveness of this metal alloy. So if you think about it, this AL material really serves us in more ways than you might have guessed.

In conclusion, A380 is one of the most commonly used and enduring die casting alloys out there.