Letech 1600T die casting machine

Early in 2014, we added a brand new Letech 1600 ton die casting machine. This expanded our casting machine range from 160 to 1,600 metric tons. The Letech die casting machines allows our workforce to produce aluminum die cast parts up to 18KG in size.

Letech die casting machines are built with a safety ratchet bar, electric safety doors and full safety guards. This creates an outstanding reliability, performance and trouble-free maintenance for our aluminum casting projects.

Letech 1600 die cast equipment

Letech 1600 Aluminum Die Casting Machine Technical Specs

  • Locking force: 1600Ton
  • Die height: 500-1400mm
  • Tie bar distance: 1250x1250mm
  • Max. weight of shot: 21.6kgf
  • Max. casting area: 2052~3097cm2
  • Horsepower required: 190KVA

Remember, die casting machines will only operate to peak performance levels when the mold, tool insert and cast part are properly designed. The combination of a high level Letech machines and our in-house Engineering team, dedicated to designing the best tools and molds, allow Die Castings China to be your direct supplier. With a great deal of operation knowledge and project experience with aluminum die cast equipment, the dedicated team of machine operators and engineers seek to advance our die cast efficiency. This allows us to assure that your large die cast parts, requiring a 1600 ton cast press, are built to your project expectations.